Monday, May 11, 2015

A Reflection Piece

So this is supposed to be a reflection piece about my project, but I totally thought that was last weeks blog post. But you know, whatever. I guess I'll continue with it from last week? Or maybe summarize. So, when I first started writing I thought I was going to finish the book and I thought it was going super fun. But as I went through the project, I'm going to be honest here it got less fun and more hard. It was still fun, and I totally realize now that I am not a writer nor am I good at English. I guess you could say I failed because I didn't finish the book. Though its ok because writing has always been something I've wanted to do and so now I have. I can check that off my bucket list. I know that I did okay on this project, but I really could've done a lot better. I really regret that I didn't do more on this project and if I could tell next years group, I would really emphasize how awesome of an opportunity that they have and how lucky they are.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Science of the Teenage Mind

What have I learned while writing this book? Well first of all, writing a book is really hard. When I first started writing, I was like, I got this, this'll be legendary. But by the time I was done writing the fifth chapter, I had an epiphany. Writing is really hard! You have to put a lot of time into writing, or thinking about what's going to happen next. It was fun, but I have a life other than writing, school, sports, and stuff. I dislike English class (Mr. Provenzano if your reading this, which you probably will be, you make English fun), but when I wrote about stuff that I really enjoy, it suddenly got a little better. It still was a pain, but it was less of a pain. I really think that should be applied to all subjects, because kids will not learn if they're not interested in what they're doing. It's all what you think. There's got to be a correlation to how many people hate math class, how much time they put into it, and what they get in the class. It's not just in class for all those parents, who force their little kid to do a sport or parents who force their kid to go to a certain college, you're ruining your kids childhood and college life. WE, the Teenagers, may do stupid stuff from time to time, and make mistakes a lot, but it's our mistakes to make. Theres a big difference between a parent forcing a kid to study for a test  and the kid gets an "A" and a kid who has the freedom to make a mistake, and doesn't study, and fails a test. On one side we have a resentful kid who hates being told what to do and wants to rebel and the other learns a valuable lesson through his own experience. In case anyone is wondering I've done about five chapters of my book and its going really well, I'm going to continue writing and hope to finish it this summer.
Peace Out,
Philip Gatbonton

Chapter 6

Hey, so we begin Chapter 6 with Gabriel waking up and as he looks around he sees a bunch of men dressed fully in black robes chanting in around an altar. Gabriel starts to yell and struggle against the ropes binding him. His commotion stops the chanting and attracts an old man, the only one without robes, and this old man comes up to Gabriel and hits him with surprising strength knocking him out once again. Once Gabriel comes to, he wakes up with the back of his head throbbing and tender. The men in black were all gone except for one shoving food in his face. Gabriel however had other plans bombarding the guy with questions which he refused to answer. All he said was to eat. Still a little scared, Gabriel took his first chance when the guy back was turned, too off sprinting. He was all out sprinting for about five minutes, before starting to slow down to a walk. He stopped for a breath, and heard a deep, rough voice speak out. You're not going to get anywhere by walking away. By tomorrow you're going to be lost, by the next you're going to be dead. And he started walking away.
Well basically Gabriel goes back to the camp with the man hoping for an explanation. He gets one, and I'm not not going to include it, because I thought it was pretty awesome. If you've seen the Dark Knight, my favorite movie ever, the Joker was my inspiration for this speech. It basically said that they had kidnapped Gabriel, and the other kids. He talks about the history of Akkadia and this group and how they're anarchists. And Chapter 6 ends there. Well that's pretry much it, and I'll see you guys two weeks from now.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Chapter 5

Hello. So I finished Chapter 5 just last night, and it's getting pretty intense. The book is just about to end its introduction, and start the rising action. Gabriel, the main character, is still kind of young and innocent, and believes everything in this world is black and white, good and evil. I think next chapter or so, something is going to happen that completely shatters that belief. There was already some cracks forming from what he has seen so far, but Gabriel still clings to that belief. I am basing Gabriel's personality on a combination of people I've met over my so far short life. Most of them were very optimistic about people overall, and I for one believe that there's good and evil in everybody.
So we left off with Saif and Adam dying at the hands of the kids turned cannibal. Chapter 5 starts off back at their campsite, Gabriel and the Girl are pretty much in shock. Gabriel keeps on rambling on how they should have stayed to save Adam, and that he didn't deserve to die. And the Girl speaks for the first time saying, "You should've left me there. You should have freed Adam first." Gabriel doesn't respond, and he goes to sleep. A few weeks past, Gabriel and Alannah, the Girl's name, have been wandering through the forest just trying to survive. One day Gabriel had been hunting for food, but when he comes back to the campsite, Alannah is gone. He runs through the forest, fearing the worst, screaming her name when he trips, smashes his head onto a rock knocked unconscious.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Mid-Winter Break?

Hey. My Mid-Winter Break is about to end. It's a little weird for me because I've never had one of these, because I'm from California. There it was winter break and spring break with nothing in between, but it's cool, extra days off of school and all. It's also really cold here in Michigan, and I mean below freezing cold. Anyway, I stayed up late a lot during this break to work on book, but it was really fun. I managed to finish Chapter 4 and I'm well on my way to finishing Chapter 5. Chapter 4 and 5 is kind of ending the introduction and working its way towards introducing the conflict of the story. I have also been editing a lot of the previous chapters, just making sure everything flows, and scrapping some parts that I didn't like. 
I left off two weeks ago with Gabriel watching Saif, the Girl, and Adam about to be eaten. The last half of Chapter five starts with Saif getting cooked over a huge fire and Gabriel is desperately trying to come up with a plan to save Adam and the Girl. He sees that Adam and the Girl are tied to a tree to the side with a couple of guards posted near them. He goes over to them with a huge rock in one hand and prepares to knock them out, this group of cannibals begins to go blood crazy over their "meal", yelling and screaming while they tear off chunks of skin and meat and shoving in their mouths. Using this to his advantage, he knocks one guard out and before the other can call out for help he covers his mouth and bashes him in the head with the rock. As he begins to untie the Girl first, he notices it has gotten quiet, and he looks around to see them staring at him. He managed to untie the Girl, but Gabriel doesn't want to leave Adam to his fate. But Adam just yells go, and he drags the Girl away with a bunch of pissed off cannibals after him. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Chapter Four

Nǐ hǎo. I'm in the middle of chapter four this week. This chapter has been my favorite and easiest too write so far to write, because the other chapters were like the introduction. The first few chapters was kind of slow to write, because I had to think of everyone's names, and the place's names, but now that the ball is rolling, the writing has been getting easier. Also, there was some violence in this chapter and some craziness, so it was fun to delve into the characters to see how they'd react to certain events. I haven't finished chapter five yet, because theres a lot of stuff going on in the book, and it's pretty long. Anyway, Here's some background on this chapter: When I first started writing this books, I knew that I wanted to the main character to be considered a villain. I thought it'd be really interesting to see how a character becomes the villain, and how the character thinks of himself. I'll explore more on this next time, here is what I've written for Chapter Five.
So last time I posted for chapter three, the girl, Adam, and Saif had been taken by this group of crazy kids that had been stealing food from Gabriel and the others. Chapter Five begins as they were taken, Gabriel runs after them, but he soon loses them in the darkness. Gabriel is wandering around in the forest when he sees smoke coming from a fire in the distance. When Gabriel arrives to the origin of the smoke, he sees the group of kids that took Adam and the others. The group of kids were all naked dancing around the fire, where Adam and the others where all tied up. They looked out of their mind, hair all over the place, ribcage showing, and they all had a crazy gleam in their eye. Gabriel was suspicious because for few times this group had stolen food from them, but they hadn't stolen food this time, just people. But when they slit Saif's throat and a couple of the kids brutally shoved a spear up one end and out of Saif's other, spitting him like a pig to be roasted, Gabriel started to feel sick in his stomach. Ya I got a little farther than this in the story, but this is a good place to stop. See ya until next time.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Chapter Three

Aloha. How's everyone doing? I just finished finals, so I'm super happy and stuff. Since I had finals, I didn't have as much time to work on my book, and I didn't finish chapter 4. I know sad stuff, but whatever there's always next week. Though when I did work on my book, it was actually really relaxing, because I was super stressed.  But then again, I probably should have been studying or sleeping, and then I probably would have done better on my finals. I'll probably have to edit what I wrote, because I kind of just brain barfed all my ideas out.
So, chapter three, I ended chapter two with Adam telling his depressing life story. Chapter three starts a couple of weeks later with Gabriel, the Girl, and Adam hunting and gathering. They set up a couple of traps and the Girl finds a couple of edible fruits. They eventually go back and check the traps and find a squirrel and a couple of rabbits. They cook them and while its cooking, there attacked by larger group of starving crazy kids. Gabriel recognized a couple of them from when they were captured. Gabriel and the others run and when they come back there food is gone. Nobody's injuries are life threatening, but Gabriel and Adam are pissed. They walk it off but it keeps happening with that large group of kids stealing and taking their food. Gabriel's group gets enough to eat, and he forgives thinking that they must need it more than him. The chapter ends with this large group of kids attacking again, but they don't steal the food, they attack and knock out the Girl, Adam, and one of the others and take them while Gabriel is fighting them off.