Monday, November 10, 2014

My First Blog Post

For my twenty time project, I'm going to write a book. Ever since I was even smaller than I currently am, I've loved reading. There was that one book, that really got me started reading. But reading was always "uncool,"that plus the amount of schoolwork, gradually lessened my reading. Though I was always amazed by how books could totally engross my attention and stretch my imagination. I've always wanted to write a book that would inspire kids to start reading as I was inspired when I was young, but I've never had the time to fully form an idea nor actually start writing, now I do.
I haven't really figured out the entire plot and characters I'm going to write about but I have a general idea of what it's going to be about. The goal for the rest of the year is that I'm going to try to finish about a chapter a week or every other week and hopefully by the end of the year the book will be mostly finished. So I can finish the book over the summer and maybe publish it. So that's my plan and I will post again next week.

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