Monday, November 17, 2014

The Troubles of Writing

When I first thought of the idea to write a book, I thought, it would be a piece of cake. You basically just come up with a story you want to write about, and you start writing, right? Wrong, the problem is that yes, I have a picture in my head of what the general plot of the story is going to be, but when I first started writing the first chapter of the book I had trouble getting that picture into words on the page. Whatever I wrote didn't really convey what I wanted the reader to see, I spent hours tweaking every other sentence just to get a couple paragraphs to sound right. So, then I decided, it doesn't matter what it sounds like, I should just write the entire chapter or chapters down and then when I was finished I could go back and edit it and make it just right.
However, when I started just writing ideas down on the page I would have trouble getting the little things that I was writing now and the ideas that I had for where the book was to end up to add up. Because I would keep coming up with awesome little details to add to the book but then the details wouldn't add up and there would be holes in my story. Its like I wanted one plus one to equal two but then decide that I wanted it to be two plus one or one plus three, would I eventually end up with the end result of one or would I have to change the answer. That is how confusing it felt to me, and so I decided I would spend the first week coming up with the background of the characters and the setting. So when I started writing again this week, I didn't have to deal with my wandering imagination.


  1. Like you, I've struggled with stories without holes in the plot, and making the sentences flow smoothly. I've found having someone else read through and edit can be helpful. If you ever want an extra pair of eyes to look your work over just share the story with me on Drive and I'll take a look and leave comments.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth, I've actually been debating putting each chapter online as I write them, but if I ever need you help, I'll reach out to you

  2. Wow! Super organized Phillip! I love the whole story line. Good job:)