Monday, December 8, 2014

Thanksgiving Break

Hola. So, these past two weeks, I admittedly do not get as much done as I would have liked, for I had quite a bit of free time. However I never could bring myself to the computer because writing is laborious and not as fun as you'd imagine. Though I enjoy writing, it does have its low moments, but then I'll have this super good idea to add to the book and its all better. I would have liked to finish two chapters this week, but I didn't, I only got to one. Even though it was the beginning, full of introductions and descriptions of people. And I also decided to switch the story from the third person to first person because I felt that it would allow the reader to know the main character better.
Chapter one begins with Gabriel waking up in the middle of this forest, having been drugged and brought hundreds of miles from his home town. He escapes his bonds, and takes in his surroundings, and sees that he isn't alone. He's surrounded by other kids, all around his age and he begins to help them out of their bounds and the very first on, a girl, attacks him. So he explains that he was trying to help, but she is unresponsive. After a while Gabriel starts hearing the sound of what sounds like footsteps all around them and the howling of wolves about to begin there hunt. Many of the kids are still bound and there is an argument about staying to help the other kids. Gabriel wants to stay and help the others, but the other kids abandon him, so he is forced to run. While running, he trips, twisting his ankle, and sees the Girl (what he starts calling her, because she won't speak to him) above him, so he grabs her and they leave. The chapter ends with him looking back and seeing the kids that he had left behind brutally killed and eaten by the wolves.

Monday, December 1, 2014

The Book

Hi there. So this week I wrote and finished the prologue and I started to write the first chapter. The only trouble, I had writing, was coming up with the backgrounds of characters in my book. I've written like five pages and I already have to come up with like five people's name, their mother's name, father's name, brother's name. Its a huge pain, because I end up using names of people I've known thinking that I'll go back and think of one. Anyway other than that my writing has home pretty smoothly.  
The prologue of the Book, what I've come to call, because I have yet to come up with the title, is mostly a hook. So basically the main character Gabriel Crowe, pronounced like the animal, is on like a contract and he goes to assassinate his target. But there is already someone like him who is also after the same person and so Gabriel kills both his target and the competition. While escaping the city for someone found the body already, he is met by a knight in shining armor, an old "friend" of his. It sets the place, time period, and gives some idea of the kind of story its going to be. That's about it and I'll see you guys next week.