Monday, January 26, 2015

Chapter Three

Aloha. How's everyone doing? I just finished finals, so I'm super happy and stuff. Since I had finals, I didn't have as much time to work on my book, and I didn't finish chapter 4. I know sad stuff, but whatever there's always next week. Though when I did work on my book, it was actually really relaxing, because I was super stressed.  But then again, I probably should have been studying or sleeping, and then I probably would have done better on my finals. I'll probably have to edit what I wrote, because I kind of just brain barfed all my ideas out.
So, chapter three, I ended chapter two with Adam telling his depressing life story. Chapter three starts a couple of weeks later with Gabriel, the Girl, and Adam hunting and gathering. They set up a couple of traps and the Girl finds a couple of edible fruits. They eventually go back and check the traps and find a squirrel and a couple of rabbits. They cook them and while its cooking, there attacked by larger group of starving crazy kids. Gabriel recognized a couple of them from when they were captured. Gabriel and the others run and when they come back there food is gone. Nobody's injuries are life threatening, but Gabriel and Adam are pissed. They walk it off but it keeps happening with that large group of kids stealing and taking their food. Gabriel's group gets enough to eat, and he forgives thinking that they must need it more than him. The chapter ends with this large group of kids attacking again, but they don't steal the food, they attack and knock out the Girl, Adam, and one of the others and take them while Gabriel is fighting them off.

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