Sunday, January 11, 2015

Chapter Two

Hey everybody! It's been a while since I've last posted, so here's a slightly bigger update on the content of the book and how every thing is going. So I've done Chapter Two over winter break, and it was quite enjoyable, because I could write whenever I wanted and whenever I got inspiration. One time, it was like three in the morning, and I was asleep having a weird dream and I woke up. And it suddenly gave me this great idea for the Book, and I ran downstairs and just started typing. Right there, I came up with what Chapter Three was going to be about. After I also edited quite a bit, reading over the prologue and Chapter One. I changed story a bit here and there, but nothing super crucial to the story. I also have about half of Chapter Three down, but it is not there yet, and I have a solid plan for what Chapter Four is going to about. So I will probably write about it in my next blog post, and maybe with Chapter Four. Without further ado, Chapter Two:
So, we left off on Gabriel and the Girl running from these wolves, called Brown Backs (which I kind of pictured them to be like really big, smart, and dangerous wolves or bears) and so the next chapter begins with them having been running for a while, in the shadow of these mountains. The sun has begun to rise and with his injuries, Gabriel starts to look for a place to rest and he sees a cave. Surprise, surprise there a couple of kids already in there, one of them Adam has helped a couple people who've been hurt by the Brown Backs. So Gabriel and Adam talk for a bit, and then Adam goes out to collect some firewood. While there out Gabriel has this reoccurring dream where he is dreaming that he is younger and being chased in his home by a crazed man with an axe. The dream ends with the man killing Gabriel with the axe and Gabriel hears this screaming but it's never his. Gabriel wakes up and sees that Adam is still gone, and Adam comes back like an hour later with firewood and two flint stones. During the night, Adam and a couple of others tell their story. Adam grew up in the center of Akkadia (I also came up with the name of the country they are in) in a city called Javadd, and he basically has a horrible childhood, where his father is excommunicated by the Governing Church and his mother raises him in a wooden shack in the outskirts of the city. One day when Adam was eight, he came home to see his mother being raped and eventually murdered by city guards and their home burnt down. He is forced to survive on the streets and his very last memory before being kidnapped is going to the Guards Barracks, and burning it to the ground. Then he ran and hid in the sewers and then he woke up here in the forest. That is the end of Chapter Two, I hoped that you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment, criticize, or any other feedback you'd like to give me on the Book or just about life in general. See you guys next time I post.

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