Monday, February 9, 2015

Chapter Four

Nǐ hǎo. I'm in the middle of chapter four this week. This chapter has been my favorite and easiest too write so far to write, because the other chapters were like the introduction. The first few chapters was kind of slow to write, because I had to think of everyone's names, and the place's names, but now that the ball is rolling, the writing has been getting easier. Also, there was some violence in this chapter and some craziness, so it was fun to delve into the characters to see how they'd react to certain events. I haven't finished chapter five yet, because theres a lot of stuff going on in the book, and it's pretty long. Anyway, Here's some background on this chapter: When I first started writing this books, I knew that I wanted to the main character to be considered a villain. I thought it'd be really interesting to see how a character becomes the villain, and how the character thinks of himself. I'll explore more on this next time, here is what I've written for Chapter Five.
So last time I posted for chapter three, the girl, Adam, and Saif had been taken by this group of crazy kids that had been stealing food from Gabriel and the others. Chapter Five begins as they were taken, Gabriel runs after them, but he soon loses them in the darkness. Gabriel is wandering around in the forest when he sees smoke coming from a fire in the distance. When Gabriel arrives to the origin of the smoke, he sees the group of kids that took Adam and the others. The group of kids were all naked dancing around the fire, where Adam and the others where all tied up. They looked out of their mind, hair all over the place, ribcage showing, and they all had a crazy gleam in their eye. Gabriel was suspicious because for few times this group had stolen food from them, but they hadn't stolen food this time, just people. But when they slit Saif's throat and a couple of the kids brutally shoved a spear up one end and out of Saif's other, spitting him like a pig to be roasted, Gabriel started to feel sick in his stomach. Ya I got a little farther than this in the story, but this is a good place to stop. See ya until next time.

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