Monday, February 23, 2015

Mid-Winter Break?

Hey. My Mid-Winter Break is about to end. It's a little weird for me because I've never had one of these, because I'm from California. There it was winter break and spring break with nothing in between, but it's cool, extra days off of school and all. It's also really cold here in Michigan, and I mean below freezing cold. Anyway, I stayed up late a lot during this break to work on book, but it was really fun. I managed to finish Chapter 4 and I'm well on my way to finishing Chapter 5. Chapter 4 and 5 is kind of ending the introduction and working its way towards introducing the conflict of the story. I have also been editing a lot of the previous chapters, just making sure everything flows, and scrapping some parts that I didn't like. 
I left off two weeks ago with Gabriel watching Saif, the Girl, and Adam about to be eaten. The last half of Chapter five starts with Saif getting cooked over a huge fire and Gabriel is desperately trying to come up with a plan to save Adam and the Girl. He sees that Adam and the Girl are tied to a tree to the side with a couple of guards posted near them. He goes over to them with a huge rock in one hand and prepares to knock them out, this group of cannibals begins to go blood crazy over their "meal", yelling and screaming while they tear off chunks of skin and meat and shoving in their mouths. Using this to his advantage, he knocks one guard out and before the other can call out for help he covers his mouth and bashes him in the head with the rock. As he begins to untie the Girl first, he notices it has gotten quiet, and he looks around to see them staring at him. He managed to untie the Girl, but Gabriel doesn't want to leave Adam to his fate. But Adam just yells go, and he drags the Girl away with a bunch of pissed off cannibals after him. 

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