Monday, March 9, 2015

Chapter 5

Hello. So I finished Chapter 5 just last night, and it's getting pretty intense. The book is just about to end its introduction, and start the rising action. Gabriel, the main character, is still kind of young and innocent, and believes everything in this world is black and white, good and evil. I think next chapter or so, something is going to happen that completely shatters that belief. There was already some cracks forming from what he has seen so far, but Gabriel still clings to that belief. I am basing Gabriel's personality on a combination of people I've met over my so far short life. Most of them were very optimistic about people overall, and I for one believe that there's good and evil in everybody.
So we left off with Saif and Adam dying at the hands of the kids turned cannibal. Chapter 5 starts off back at their campsite, Gabriel and the Girl are pretty much in shock. Gabriel keeps on rambling on how they should have stayed to save Adam, and that he didn't deserve to die. And the Girl speaks for the first time saying, "You should've left me there. You should have freed Adam first." Gabriel doesn't respond, and he goes to sleep. A few weeks past, Gabriel and Alannah, the Girl's name, have been wandering through the forest just trying to survive. One day Gabriel had been hunting for food, but when he comes back to the campsite, Alannah is gone. He runs through the forest, fearing the worst, screaming her name when he trips, smashes his head onto a rock knocked unconscious.

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