Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Chapter 6

Hey, so we begin Chapter 6 with Gabriel waking up and as he looks around he sees a bunch of men dressed fully in black robes chanting in around an altar. Gabriel starts to yell and struggle against the ropes binding him. His commotion stops the chanting and attracts an old man, the only one without robes, and this old man comes up to Gabriel and hits him with surprising strength knocking him out once again. Once Gabriel comes to, he wakes up with the back of his head throbbing and tender. The men in black were all gone except for one shoving food in his face. Gabriel however had other plans bombarding the guy with questions which he refused to answer. All he said was to eat. Still a little scared, Gabriel took his first chance when the guy back was turned, too off sprinting. He was all out sprinting for about five minutes, before starting to slow down to a walk. He stopped for a breath, and heard a deep, rough voice speak out. You're not going to get anywhere by walking away. By tomorrow you're going to be lost, by the next you're going to be dead. And he started walking away.
Well basically Gabriel goes back to the camp with the man hoping for an explanation. He gets one, and I'm not not going to include it, because I thought it was pretty awesome. If you've seen the Dark Knight, my favorite movie ever, the Joker was my inspiration for this speech. It basically said that they had kidnapped Gabriel, and the other kids. He talks about the history of Akkadia and this group and how they're anarchists. And Chapter 6 ends there. Well that's pretry much it, and I'll see you guys two weeks from now.

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