Monday, May 11, 2015

A Reflection Piece

So this is supposed to be a reflection piece about my project, but I totally thought that was last weeks blog post. But you know, whatever. I guess I'll continue with it from last week? Or maybe summarize. So, when I first started writing I thought I was going to finish the book and I thought it was going super fun. But as I went through the project, I'm going to be honest here it got less fun and more hard. It was still fun, and I totally realize now that I am not a writer nor am I good at English. I guess you could say I failed because I didn't finish the book. Though its ok because writing has always been something I've wanted to do and so now I have. I can check that off my bucket list. I know that I did okay on this project, but I really could've done a lot better. I really regret that I didn't do more on this project and if I could tell next years group, I would really emphasize how awesome of an opportunity that they have and how lucky they are.

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